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Restored boards put back in place

There were a total of eleven boards we restored and put back in place.  None of the boards had nail holes on the top and they all stood on edge will a small space, four feet at the center, above the boards.  5-22-15 120 5-22-15 121

Grandchildren get to help!

May was a special month because some of my grandchildren got to see stone laid and help.  I hope generations from now they will get to tell their grandchildren about the old stone building.5-22-15 003 5-22-15 004 5-22-15 114 5-22-15 0055-22-15 1075-22-15 110

Rocks are piling up!

It is great to see the walls going up.  The stone masons have been able to work about three weeks this spring and great progress is being made.4-29-15 002 4-29-15 003 4-29-15 005

Board Restoration

The open ceiling of the north section (section having stone floor) had 11 (2 by 6’s) 128″ long going lengthwise  across the room.  They were set in pockets in the stone wall and had hooks on the lower side. The hooks were made in the black smith shop (the center section).  They were blackened with smoke from when that section was used as a smoke house.  The boards (at least 141 years old) were very dry and parts were like powder with damage on the ends.  Where the end of the board was damaged the board was cut on a taper and a new section was mitered on to the old board.  4-14-15 015 4-14-15 017 4-14-15 019 4-14-15 020The pictures below show you the pre restoration look, the mold with clamps, the restored board and the Liquid Wood, parts A & B used to restore the boards.

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