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The Stone Mason

A special thank you goes to Karl Ramberg, the main stone mason on the restoration of the old stone building.

Karl Ramberg

Karl Ramberg

Roof is on!

This post could have been made last August!  I was so excited to get the roof on I just did not do any more for a while.  We had to clean out all 3 rooms.  Found a concrete floor in South room that was apparently poured in 1915 based on date in floor and found stone lintels on the bottom of the door for both the North and South rooms.  Want to put one light bulb in each room  then replace the doors and windows.  I have all the original hardware. I started this site to raise money for the restoration of the old stone building but only $1500 of the total cost was contributed which I very much

Before -2-14-13

Before -2-14-13

appreciate.  I hope many people will appreciate this building in years to come


After 8/19/15


Getting two lintels in place!

These are the two lintels on the East side of the building.  The one over the door had fallen some time ago.  The one over the window fell out when we were on the building last fall.  When it fell it hit the iron wheel that the walnut tree had grown thru and the only tree I did not cut down next to the stone building.  5-22-15 183 5-22-15 185 5-22-15 155

Walls going up & putting large beams in place

In the center room there were two large beams extending across the room from one stone wall to the next.  Not sure what these beams were for.  One individual thought the occupants might have slept on top of them.  In the South room there was one beam across it.  5-22-15 123 5-22-15 134 5-22-15 138

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