Restoring the Old Stone Building

The restoration of the Old Stone Building will restore the structure as close to its original condition as possible, using the Department of Interior Preservation Standards.

The renovation process has started with the removal of all the stone, loft, and roof parts that have caved in, saving anything that can be reused or serve as a pattern in the restoration. In 1998, all the already fallen stone was stacked adjacent to the walls from which it fell. The metal parts from the blacksmith shop floor were saved as well, and are to be searched for artifacts that can be displayed when the building is restored. In addition, trees that are growing into the walls will be removed.

Each of the existing walls that are still standing will be stabilized, portions of walls will be disassembled and rebuilt, and the remaining roof will be removed. Stones will be cleaned and documented, lumber purchased, windows and doors made, and sand, lime and cement purchased for the mortar. The structure’s walls will be rebuilt based upon the drawings of the walls made in 1995.

The renovation process will continue with the construction of the loft and roof.